TERMS: All bidding and payments are in US Dollars. Accepted payment forms are: Corporate or personal check, cashier's check, money order, Visa, Master Card, and Discover all immediately negotiable. 5% Credit Card convenience charge will be placed on all credit card purchases (Accepted - Visa, Master Card, and Discover). All payments are to be made to Angus Live - And Sent To - PO Box 457 Smithville, MO 64089. Late fees are subject to a 15% finance charge after the seventh day. A fee of $50 will be assessed on all late payments or returned checks and the bidder will be denied access to future auctions. Payments by credit card must be called in to office at the conclusion of the sale - Angus Live (816) 516-1309 to complete this process by phone. There are NO BUYERS PREMIUMS in effect for this auction.

CONDITIONS: Any person placing bids on items in a specific auction agrees to these terms and conditions and understands that, by placing bids, they are entering into a binding contract between themselves and the seller(s) and that they will be held financially responsible for their actions. Angus Live acts as an agent between buyer and seller and may not be held responsible for any livestock merchandise. It is clear that Angus Live and representatives act only as a means between buyer and seller, and may not be held liable, financially or otherwise, for any failure on the part of the same to fulfill any obligations set forth in the sale or for the truths of any warranties expressed or implied. The information stated in the catalog has been prepared by sale management from the information provided by the seller(s) and is assumed to be fully accurate as presented to us. The sales of Angus breeding cattle will sell under the same standard and conditions of the American Angus Association.

INVOICING: An invoice with payment instructions will be sent to new buyer registered by e-mail at the close of bidding and sale. If you do not receive invoice by e-mail within 24 hours following the close of the auction please contact (816) 516-1309. Failure to complete the payment terms as stated above will result in forfeiture of animals purchased and immediately reported to the Credit Bureau. Be sure you are capable of paying immediately and realize your bids are not based on financing. Angus Live reserves the right to charge the entire purchase price and late fees to the credit card on file if payment is not made in the seven days after the close of the auction. 

TRUCKING: Each buyer is responsible for making their own trucking arrangements thru seller or Angus Live. Trucking arrangements need to be made prior to or immediately following the sale. NO animal(s) will be delivered until payment is made in full. 

HEALTH PAPERS: Furnished upon request for each animal. Any exportable animal(s) will need special testing and will be at buyer's expense unless otherwise discussed with seller. 

EMBRYO/SEMEN: These item(s) will be sold in terms of so much times the number of units selling. Buyer on all embryos and semen will be responsible for all shipping cost. Embryos and semen sold will be noted if they are exportable to other countries in the footnote section of each lot. 

LIABILITY: Angus Live is not responsible for injury or accidents. Animal(s) become property of the new buyer when sold. Following the auction we strongly recommend that all new owners take out mortality insurance on their purchases. Angus Live nor seller cannot be held responsible for the health or condition of animals after the conclusion of animal(s) being sold. Angus Live assumes no liability for accidents or injuries that occurs. All Angus breeding stock will sell under standard terms and conditions of the American Angus Association.